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This is Kieps: I don't know how to edit community posts

So this is an addendum to my application.

After sitting down to think about it, i discovered that 5 books i really enjoy are:
Into Thin Air
A Room With a View
Lady Chatterly's Lover
the "Are You There God...It's Me Margaret" series

I read them because they were school assignments but i ended up really enjoying them. I don't read often, not by my own will. And if i read about a book i might like to read, i don't usually get it because that involves having to remember to look for it and the actual process of looking. So school assignments have lead me to read books i like. I'm so mad b/c there's this book i read sophomore year that was one of the best books i've ever read and i can't remember the name.

As for my favorite lyric: "And it's hard for me to take a stand, but i will take her anyway i can" (John Mayer, "Neon")

My favorite song is a random song i know i really like:
"Let That Be Enough," Switchfoot

I don't have a most embarassing moment. God's given me enough strength to not allow them to bother me for after a day, so they're all forgotten.
Awkward moments i have in volumes, but my most embarassing moment is an accumulation of times i had to speak in front of my Spanish classes, prepared or not. I get really bad dry mouth, and my heart races extremely fast. I stumble over words, and have even blanked out for minutes. The presentations are like watching me have very mild anxiety attacks.
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