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hey umm sorry for the *cough* absence lol.

check this outt!!!

I wrote a some serious kick ass pirate prose!

as we draw up
and set sail
our masts straight straight
and compass spinning
where will we run
where will we stay
off into the sunset
we fade away

the egdes song
they sang so beautifully
while the bitter water
spills into the sides
slowly sinking us
into a downard spiral
spinning spinning
we set sail
and fade away

white sand
sparkling white and gold
our harmony unites
as we go in
gravestones and epitaphs
we all wait
for that one key to heavens gate
searching farther and farther
clinching harder and harder
we fade away

lost in existance
looking for what is not
a desolation of hope
we move on
sails unfurlled
our voices unheard
we fade away

absent from morality
we garnish what we can
what was once their
is forever ours
a pirates way
to bleed our own blood
a brused knife tending scars
we are who we are
and so we fade away
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